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Awesome Features of Google Chrome

There are few hidden features in Google’s Chrome browsers which many of us are un-aware of. Here I have listed 4 of those hidden features that I’m aware of and can be very useful.

Customise Search

We know that we can select any search engine as our default search site on Omni bar(Address bar) of the Chrome. But only few are aware that we can use the Omni bar to open any page of the site just by entering a page name. Of course we have to do some settings for it. This will be very useful for a website we open/work everyday.

To do this go to the Settings on Chrome and click on the “Manage Search Engine” button. It will open a popup window like below:

Google Chrome - Manage Search Setting
Google Chrome – Manage Search Setting

The three text filed at the bottom of the window,

  1. Add Name of the new search
  2. Keyword which we want to use to refer this site which opening a page/search.
  3. URL of the site with/without search query and pass “%s” as the search string.

How it will work

Let’s use the example from the picture above. Here, I have set “Localhost” as name of the search engine. “pw“(Personel Web) is the keyword and I have set “http://localhost/~ashish/%s” as the search query with %s as the last parameter, so whenever I will type “pw” in Omni bar it will look like the picture below:

Google Chrome - Omni Bar
Google Chrome – Omni Bar

Now, I can write any of my local website which I’m working on locally. It will automatically append the text I have entered in the box above at the end of “http://localhost/~ashish/ ” and direct me to that page.

Restart Chrome

Browsing in Chrome browser for long will slow down the system as it will consume more memory. To free up the memory we normally restart the browser by closing it with the Red Cross Mark on top-right (top-left on Mac).

For those who continuously work on Chrome and needs to restart it frequently, there is a short-cut URL which can be helpful and just by a single click it will shut the chrome and re-open as fresh & free-up memory.

We can bookmark the URL “chrome://restart” in the chrome and just by clicking the bookmark, we can re-open the Chrome browser.

Checkout list of URLs. – Open it in Chrome.

Take a Screenshot

With latest version of Chrome we can take a screenshot without any extra add-on/plugins or extensions. To capture screen, we need to open a Developer tool first and then activate the Device toggle as shown in the image below.

Chrome's Developer Toolbar
Chrome’s Developer Toolbar

After clicking device toggle you’ll see the three vertical dots on top-right corner. By clicking it will open the menu shown above and you’ll have options to take screen shots with and without device frame.

Clear Cache & Refresh

Normally we do the cache clear of browser by pressing the keys Alt + Ctrl + Delete. But with Chrome we can do the cleaning of cache and refresh the page at same time. To do this first we need to open a developer toolbar and then click & hold or right click the Refresh icon besides Omni bar and it will open a menu showing three options as below. By selecting last option in the menu we can clear all cache and refresh the page.

Clear Cache & Refresh - Chrome
Clear Cache & Refresh – Chrome

These are the 4 hidden features that I’m aware of as of now, I’m sure there might be more. I will add them to the list as & when I come to know. If you know any more hidden feature, please do let me know in the comment box below.

Hope, this will help…!

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