Alternate Vanilla Javascript to use instead of jQuery

For quite a some time I was thinking to drop-out Javascript Libraries (like: jQuery, Yahoo User Interface(YUI), Alloy User Interface(AUI), MooTools…). But I was not sure that each browser supports the javascript code the same way or not. As we know that all browsers are interpreting the script slight differently. Particularly, I was not sure about IE8/ IE9 and js libraries were & are helping us to cop-up with these browsers. But now with latest IE & other browsers and with newer versions of

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Styling HTML Form Elements with jQuery

Fancy Form Elements

Styling HTML form elements was a challenge for some time but as jQuery came in the picture in recent years it became easy to style form elements in HTML. We as web or UI or front-end developers might have struggled while working on HTML forms. When it comes to style each of the elements as per style guide. Some of the HTML form elements are: Input types such as text, radio, check-box etc… Label Fieldset Button Select dropdown Textarea We

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Understand jQuery Events – bind, live & delegate

jQuery Events - bind, live & delegates

Developers getting confused with jQuery events like bind(), live() & delegate(). There are very distinguishable difference between all three of them. Many Web/ UI developers get confused between bind(), live() & delegate() methods about what is the real difference between them. This post may help you understand it well. To understand the difference between them clearly let’s have one example: <ul class="sitetools"> <li><a href="tools.html">Site tools</a></li> <li><a href="print.html">Print</a></li> <li><a href="add-favorite.html">Add to Favorite</a></li> </ul> jQuery Event – bind() bind() is a method which

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jQuery Lightbox Plugin: jQuery.apLightBox


Lightbox is a JavaScript technique. Normally used to display images and other web content using modal dialog. Image/content is shown up at center filling most of the screen, and the rest of the window is dimmed out. Lightbox was originally the name of a specific JavaScript plugin, written by Lokesh Dhakar. However, here is the plugin developed using jQuery framework with different options to display content. Why should I use apLighBox slider? apLighBox slider is a light weight and easy

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