Add CSS Rule to Stylesheet Dynamically with Javascript

Before couple of years we were in impression that stylesheet should only be static but with CSS pre-processors like SASS & LESS, we came to know that it can also be Objective. But recently I come to know that with javascript we can also add stylesheets on the fly while page is rendering. Now-a-days We are finding a way to load web page faster everyday. As Javascript is client side scripting language we are trying to load elements via javascript to reduce page

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Change Default Text “::Selection” Color

::selection is one of a property which changes the default color of the selected text and promotes Branding very impressively. As CSS improving, it ads more features day-by-day, some of the features we know and some may not. Pseudo CSS Selector – ::selection The ::selection is a CSS pseudo-element which changes the color of the text while user selects text by clicking & dragging mouse or by keyboard on the webpage. The Default Color/ System Color of the selected text on the webpage is Navy

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Importance of Print CSS & How to Set it Up

Print CSS

Print CSS plays very strong part to make the page look beautiful on paper as well. As we live in Digital world we are viewing everything on devices, but sometimes we also need to print web pages for things like filing records, offline reading, etc… In a digital world we look for very fancy designs with transparent backgrounds and high resolutions of images to make the page as beautiful as possible for users. We are too much inclined towards digital

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