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Manipulate JSON document easily with JMESPath

In my previous project I was struggling to filter a big JSON document to get my desired new array from it. In my struggle to simplify the filtration of JSON Object I have found JMESPath library. I find it really easy to understand and integrate. JMESPath is a query language for JSON. There is a GitHub page from where you can download the JMESPath.js file. To integrate it in website just add the .js file. Same way as any other

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Manage multiple Node.js versions using NVM

Recently in one of my project, I couldn’t run the npm install command successfully. After debugging for a while I came to know that I needed previous version of Node.js to install all the dependency successfully. NVM So I googled and came across the NVM tool which handles such situation. It allow us to install multiple version of the Node.js and maintains them. We can choose whichever version of the Node.js we want and go back to the default once

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Folder Based Navigation w/ Handlebar for Static Blog


Ever wondered how to omit the file name part from the URL or how to have folder base navigation while making a micro/static site? Example - To do this we will have to create a folder name same as the file and then create a index.html or default.html file in it. But it is a boring process to create folder with the same name of the file and then create index file in each folder. I am assuming your

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Email Harvesting and Counter Measures

Email Harvesting

Email harvesting means fetching email addresses by crawling web pages using various scripts/softwares. These email addresses then used for sending bulk marketing emails or newsletters/spams. Email Harvesting There are lots of softwares/bots available in the market which crawls the website and gives email address from its pages. These softwares are generally known as “Harvesting Bot”. One can also buy/sell email addresses to send bulk emails for spams or marketing. Though many countries have laws in place to fight again spams.

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Presentational Attributes vs Inline Styles

Presentational Attributes

Presentational Attributes works almost like inline styles but there is striking difference between them. It is advisable to use them specifically on SVGs and IMG tags. Presentational attributes are very easy to override and inline styles can only be override with !important keyword in CSS. Presentational Attributes <img src="path/to/image.jpg" width="450" height="350" /> OR <table width="100%"> <tr> <td>Some text</td> </tr> </table> The presentational attributes on the <img /> can be override easily with CSS like below: /* The style below will override the Presentational Attributes

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